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Who We Are?

Founded in 1991, Itprodesigns begun with a simple idea at a Starbucks conversation. An opportunity aroused and there we go. Me and my friend John Winblood, who worked with me in a cable company liked it. We than made a couple of polo shirts and started that project. In the beginning was very difficult, since we had the skills, but no advertising or means to do it. The idea was about to fade away when we decided to keep the business going. A few customers later was enough to believe it could be a prosperous business. To remain focused and carry on the original idea was a huge challenge. John moved to the Carolinas, and we had to keep up with a recession. We had to work in other activities in order to keep the business running. Here we are, 12 years later, still alive and kicking. We believe that our quality of service and valuable customers will take us to the next level. We are a customer oriented business.

Great Service Support

  • An unprecedented computer skill in a multilevel environment makes the difference when dealing with issues.
  • We offer up to date information and detailed recommendations for the right hardware and software solutions that fits both, your needs and your budget.

Our expert service specialists invest the necessary time to understand your IT needs and know your environment. We know the frustrations and challenges you may have faced because many of our team members have worked for the major manufacturers and systems integrators, and we know there’s a better and safer way do deal with IT issues.

We do it better

  • Cost-saving solutions
  • Talented, expert team
  • Resource flexibility
  • Increased creativity

Our People Are Serious About Service

At Itpro Designs, our quick-to-respond, reliable service levels will meet and exceed your expectations. Working with us means you’ll spend less time on hold, less money on problems, and more time focused on hitting your business goals.

In need of urgent problem solving? Contact us today. 

Our Skills

WordPress Development 80%
Web Design 90%
SEO 85%
Graphic Design 90%

Meet the Team

Itprodesigns exists because we never gave up. Our resilience and workmanship is the value that keep us going. We have an excellent team of specialists who are engaged into a customer oriented business.

Eddie Fontes

CEO & Developer

Eddie Fontes is the president and founder of Itprodesigns. Network Engineer, Web and Graphic Design Specialist.

Franci Fontes

Customer Service Specialist

Executive Consultant – Customer Service and Management Specialist – Staff Manager

Kaleb Fontes

Web Designer

Web Designer, SEO Specialist. Development and Costumization of Websites – Word Press Specialist

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